Primus Caro – Primal Flesh (2022 KANO)

primus caro- primal flesh - featured

Primus Caro – Primal Flesh (2022 KANO) – Fractal – Consciousness – Dream

Original work 12000 x 12000 pixels


Our perception of the flesh body mechanics made visible is often tainted with horror. The representational unfolding of our personal physical existence, the tearing apart of our vessel,  may be the unfolding of flesh existence into a different dimensional form.

The beauty that runs through our inner world, unseen by us normally, is grotesque in its unfamiliarity. 

Yet – 

Under close scrutiny the wonder emerges.

This is an experimental, mathematically generated artwork. The fractal algorithms have, via their recursion, presented forms and structures which imply the bones, veins, sinews, blood, muscle of the human machine.

Perhaps consciousness exists beyond these structures and (not merely) as a passenger, configures them in a form suitable for manifesting existence in a navigable, physical, world. 

The collapsing of prima materia into three dimensions, rendering the body complete. The machine of consciousness.

This work is an expression of a strong series of images I had in a dream, unfolding my body away from my self, and observing it floating in front of my mind’s eye, and then folding it back into place. 

Look close, to see the details.

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